Data, Science and Forward Thinking

If you want clarity and certainty about optimizing your plants' potential, we can help. Let's work together to drive farming into the future. 

You're Invested.

Now it's time to get creative and practical about solving problems.
Lead your team to embrace the future. Cutting-edge solutions now will accelerate future returns.

Boost Yield Efficacy

Increase Quantity

Improve Quality

Accelerate Returns

About Us


What We Can Do

The bottom line is better returns. We meet that demand by optimizing plant potential, protecting investments, and applying innovative new technology that actually works.


What Makes Us Different

How did "nutrients" become another name for industrial by-products? Living (not synthetic) products, plus our proprietary systems and technology, equals dramatic yield results. 


Why It's Important

We're here get you a better return. That's the easy part. Our methods also contribute to a kinder, more sustainable world. One where every human has a chance to live a healthy peaceful life. 

What We Do

Better Returns

Optimize Plant Potential

Protect Investments

Provide Certainty

Innovate New Tech

What Makes Us Unique



Farming tractor spraying a field



Evidence Based

How We Do It


Fossil Fertilizer

Environmental Controls

Farm Systems

Water & Energy Fields

What Success Looks Like

  • 30-50% increase (up to 3x) yield
  • Increased potential future crops
  • Increase price of crops
  • Cleaner crops
  • Meet future EPA changes with ease
  • Keep your competitive edge