About Us

We optimize your plants with study, nutrients, living products and tech to increase your yield and ultimately, accelerate your return.

About Us


What We Can Do

The bottom line is better returns. We meet that demand by optimizing plant potential, protecting investments, and applying innovative new technology that actually works.


What Makes Us Different

How did "nutrients" become another name for industrial by-products? Living (not synthetic) products, plus our proprietary systems and technology, equals dramatic yield results. 


Why It's Important

We're here get you a better return. That's the easy part. Our methods also contribute to a kinder, more sustainable world. One where every human has a chance to live a healthy peaceful life. 

What Makes Us Different


Nutrients means nutrients.

When we say nutrients, we mean nutrients. Industrial by-products is not part of that definition. We're here to improve farming, not to create products to sell, or sell you anything you don't need.


Technology no one else has.

Our proprietary systems and technology give you an edge. You'll be looking forward instead of looking over your shoulder at your competitors.


Living products make sense.

We believe in using living products, rather than synthetic. With smart management and expert advice, living products are more than an option. They just make sense.

All of that adds up to dramatic yield results.


How We Do It

Our goal is to optimize all aspects of plant potential — the water, nutrients, lighting, environmental controls, atmosphere, microbial environments (soil and water), frequency of energy fields, and plant cells. Here's how we approach that daunting task…

Consulting, Education and Commissioning

Site Prep, Installation and Retrofitting

Custom Manufacturing and Tech Licensing

The Big Picture

First, we work together to create a picture of the holistic life of your plant. We look at case studies and historical data. Then, we can enhance the natural process and cultivate a better plant.