Our Methods

Our growing systems incorporate layers of technology to create conditions that mimic nature and yet introduce nutrients and growing methods designed to optimize crops and increase yields. 

Crop Production Revolutionized

Productive, sustainable eco-systems need the worldwide mass production of quality crops. Organic crops are a good first step but Ultra Farms takes it to the next level. Our system of products and conditions creates a soil more nutrient than today’s rich soil, earthbound crops, or greenhouse methods.


Fossil Fertilizer

Environmental Controls

Farm Systems

Water & Energy Fields

Innovative Technology

After years of development and testing, we have achieved the right blend of technologies and elements to produce a superior crop in a faster time frame, all without genetic modification or chemical applications.

  • Lighting

    Specialized revolutionary grow, flower, nightcycle and morning/evening simulations

  • Nutrients

    Non-salt, non-fertilizer, micro/macro-nutrients, enzymes and energized minerals

  • Grow Medium

    Organic grow medium enhanced with specialized nutrients

  • Air & Atmosphere

    Purified, sanitized air, ideal day and night cycles and special grow frequencies

  • Water

    Enhanced, specialized water molecules ensures maximum nutrient and oxygen delivery

  • Energy Fields

    Unique energy fields and frequencies are inducted and conducted into and around the plants

  • Grow Structure

    Maximum yields by virtue of creative vertical farming

  • Sustainability

    Sustainable farms that reuse cycles, utilizing renewable energy

  • Seeds & Genetics

    Heirloom and non-GMO seed base, clones, starts and new genetic hybrids

  • Monitoring & Security

    Telemetry technologies that monitor, update and transmit data from wireless sensors

  • Extraction

    Extracting high quality concentrates of essential oils through very clean and safe methods


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